Monday, May 12, 2014

A tool or a toy?

It depends on who you ask! I bought this pin cushion in Paris over Easter weekend. I really needed one but didn't want to spend precious sewing time making one, even though I have seen some really good ones. I also did not want the traditional red tomato one.

When I saw this one, with polka dots, I knew it was perfect.

I am not the only who thinks so.

Maurice and Aurélie (our cats) also love it and will run off with it whenever I turn my back. They bat it around, pins go everywhere, and it is a mess. Aaron says I should just give it to them already (sans pins, of course), but I just cannot. I need a pin cushion ...

In the end, I am sure they will win. They always do. Who can resist their cute antics, and besides, they are big helpers in the sewing room!

What do you think? Tool or toy? Should I give it to them or selfishly keep it for myself?!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Je suis accro à la couture (I am addicted to sewing!)

I learned a new phrase in my French lesson last week and it has stuck with me, probably because it is so true!!! I am addicted to sewing! I just love the idea that I can make the clothes and styles that I love.

I am sure that much of this comes from the early success I am having and the compliments I am receiving. I have made 5 items now:

  • The Miette Skirt, from Tilly and the Buttons: Not blogged because it is too big. Even though it is a wrap, it is enormous. Not sure what I did wrong, or how to fix it, but at some point, I will rip out some of the stitches and try to re-size it.
  • A pencil skirt in blue suede, from The Great British Sewing Bee book 2: A really nice and easy pattern, but what was I thinking sewing in blue suede? This is a bit advanced for a beginner, non? I wasn't sure how to press it and accidentally burnt the inside waste band, and the zipper (my first!) is not great. These things are only visible to me, but undecided if I will wear it ...
  • The Sencha blouse from Colette: Will blog it soon. I love it!!!
  • Coco dress from Tilly and the Buttons: Really love this one too and will blog it soon! I just need my lovely husband to take some snaps!
In the meantime, I am working on a stretch knit wrap dress, also from the Great British Sewing Bee book. Hoping to finish it today, so I can start on my next project: a remake of the Colette crepe in a summery pink linen.

Here is my inspiration for my next Crepe:

I was walking through Place St. Francois near my flat and passed the Bon Genie department store, known for gorgeous window designs. There in the window was a perfect pink summer dress with a tie at the waste. I was smitten, until I saw the price tag: Robe (dress) 449 Swiss francs. (And the adorable shoes are even more at 460 Swiss francs!)

I immediately thought of the Crepe dress. While not a perfect pattern match, it is quite close with the waist tie and overall feel, and I have been wanting a chance to make it again in a lighter, more casual fabric and with the sweetheart neckline. So, I will be making my own version, for a much more reasonable price! Now, where to find a better deal on the shoes ...

Stay tuned! Pics to come soon, I promise!